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Wedding Package


Our most popular wedding service!


• Four personal lessons (each are a full 60 minutes).


• One group class or wedding dance workshop is included.


• Choreography that is personalized especially for you.


• Unlimited consultation time for choosing your music, discussing
  choreography, selecting your dance style ... or whatever you need.


• Get a stylish free gift. You can choose from fun gifts like these...

T-Shirt Handbag Backpack Beanie


• Only $280 ... and no expiration date!


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All About Ballroom is honored to have been selected by The Knot to receive its highly coveted "Best of Weddings" award for 2011.

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For the Bride and Groom


Song Selection


We can assist you in selecting the song to use for your first dance.  Don't worry about the type of music that you decide upon, how the two of you feel when you listen to the song selection is what's most important.  Your dance will be choreographed according to your specific needs and music selection.


Your Shoes


Wear shoes that have similar sole types and heel heights to those you plan on wearing on your wedding day.


Dances can be slow and romantic, fun, surprising, or even silly!


Surprise Dance?      What's that?


A surprise dance is when a couple starts their routine with one kind of genre, music selection, theme, or dance style and then surprisingly changes one or more of these facets part way through their routine.


You might do a surprise dance to mix two favorite songs, change the musical tempo, try two different dance styles, get your guests cheering from an unexpected change over, or so you can do something traditional and something non-traditional or funny.


There's lots of clever and entertaining reasons to consider performing a surprise dance for your first dance.


Try a surprise dance!



Spice it up a little.   It's fun and exciting!

For the Wedding Party


Get Together


A wedding can be a time that brings loved ones together long before the special occasion. Get the family and friends involved in the fun stages of the preparation by scheduling a few group lessons.


Father-Daughter Dance & Mother-Son Dance


Don't forget about Father-Daughter and Mother-Son dances too! These are sometimes forgotten, but you'd be surprised at how many Fathers would like to have a little preparation for the big day as well.


We've also done bachelorette parties!



Brad & Anna's Wedding

Learn to Dance at Your Wedding


Are you looking for something entertaining to do at your wedding? You've hired a DJ and you want your guests to have a good time and do some dancing right? Why not let us teach them how! Your guests will enjoy the unique experience. It's even fun to watch. Contact us for a quote today.


Try something different.



It's fun.   Your guests will love it!

Bridesmaid or Bachelorette Parties


Dancing gives your guests an uplifting and creative opportunity to meet each other and get more involved in your event.


Your guests will enjoy themselves as they participate in an energetic and entertaining experience that they'll be talking about long after the party's over.


We'll come to you! Call or email us to book your party today!


We all had fun at this Bachorlette Party!


Your party's sure to be a hit!

Wedding Dance Workshop


A wedding dance workshop is a shortened group class designed specifically for wedding couples and focused on helping them feel comfortable while they're out on the dance floor.


We typically recommend purchasing a wedding package instead. Our experience has shown that the wedding package produces the results that are generally desired for the least amount of money spent.


Our wedding dance workshops are regularly priced at $70 per person. Please visit our class schedule on the group classes page for more information on locations, dates, times, pricing, availability, and registration.


We even have some couples, or sometimes their parents, take one of our Beginners Ballroom or Latin classes to prepare for the wedding!


Save $$$ - Register for one of our classes or workshops today!


See our Class Schedule

Please see our class schedule for more details on
dates, times, locations, pricing and special offers.

Personal Lessons


You can also purchase personal lessons. A lesson consists of one full hour of dance instruction and is priced at only $75 each.


Typically this option is most suitable in situations where couples already have prior dance experience and just a lesson or two is needed to get reaquainted.


Some couples choose this option in order to save money. We understand that saving money is often an important concern. We suggest that you evaluate your expectations. For higher expectations, you'll be better off purchasing the wedding package. For lower expectations, we suggest that you sign up for a wedding dance workshop. Both of these options are generally designed to save you money.


However, you are more than welcome to purchase personal lessons, and we've even had couples who have taken a personal lesson, in addition to a wedding workshop, in order to add a little extra style and personality to their first dance.


Call or email to schedule your personal lessons.


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