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Lawrencville Lessons will Temporarily be Held in Dacula


As many of our customers already know, the Lawrenceville studio is in the process of being relocated. The move is a necessity as a result of the ballet studio we partnered with at our former studio location was no longer able to stay in business.

We are currently in the process of trying to locate and build-out our own studio location. While finding a space to operate in is seemingly an easy proposition, as it turns out, it is a rather lengthy process that transacts frustratingly slow at times.

We're working on it everyday, but as of right now, we still do not have any further insights that we can share with you as to when exactly the new studio will be operational. Until it's ready, we will be hosting all of our classes and lessons for the Lawrenceville area at our interim location in Dacula.

Get directions to the Dacula Studio.

Update: 6/1/2014

The new studio is open! The address is:

All About Ballroom
1450 Five Forks Trickum Rd, Suite 300,
Lawrenceville, GA 30044

Lawrenceville Business Recognition



We are often awestruck to discover how many people are saying great things about All About Ballroom. We're very proud of our outstanding reputation in the communities we serve. Our focus is on you, and we genuinely care about the quality and service we deliver to our customers.


We greatly appreciate our award for being a "Best of Lawrenceville Dance School" for 2013. It gives us a lot to live up to, and gives you a lot to look forward to, as we continually strive to exceed your high expectations for many years to come.


"We'd like to thank our customers..."


Dance Fashions Coupon  ~  Exclusively For You



Here at All About Ballroom, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to make your dancing life better. We really do want you to enjoy your dancing, and to enjoy your experience with us as well. We're proud to announce that we've negotiated an exclusive coupon for our customers to use at the Dance Fashions Superstore!


15% off your entire purchase!


Download the Coupon


For a limited time, and exclusively for the customers of All About Ballroom, you can use this coupon at either of their two superstore locations to receive 15% off your total order. Dance Fashions can take care of all your dancing apparel needs, including ballroom dance shoes. Please note that sale items are excluded from the offer, and the coupon expires on November 30, 2013.


Just another way we put our customers first!


Michael Jackson's Thriller



"You try to scream ...
... but terror takes the sound before you make it"


Join us for a taste of Michael Jackson's infamous Thriller as we learn a dance routine that is based on his ingenious choreography. Class meets every Wednesday evening at the Lawrenceville studio from 6:30 - 8pm beginning on September 18th, 2013. There will be a total of seven classes in the series. Try it! ... if you dare.


Register now!


At the end of the seven weeks, you can perform the routine with us live at our Dance of the Dead Party. This year each of our dancers will don a day of the dead senor or senorita themed look as part of their spooktacular constumery. In addition to the thriller choreography, the performance will also incorporate some tango with a hint of Latin flare.



Register now!



Register now!


Inspirational Story



Tyler's Story


We have a special young man in our Ballroom for beginners class that embodies the kind of will and determination to live life that can inspire the rest of us. His name is Tyler. We'd like to share his story with you.


Tyler had a complication at birth and underwent a stroke 10 minutes after delivery. His family was informed that it would be a miracle if he ever walked or ate on his own. What a miracle Tyler has become! Tyler can do everything that you and I can do, he just does it a little differently. He can even ballroom dance!


Tyler has endured a lot of hardships during his young life. He's had the best care and therapy, but as a result, Tyler has shown us all what you can acheive when you try your best in life in spite of the many trials and tribulations that may be standing in your way.


We're proud to have Tyler in our ballroom class!


Kids! ... Learn to Dance for the Summer


Recently we have had several questions about summer camps for kids. While we don�t currently offer any summer camps for kids, we do have a great Ballroom and Salsa class for Kids!


It meets Saturday mornings at 11am in Lawrenceville and is a great opportunity for your child to find their new favorite hobby this summer. In this class, your child will learn the basics of ballroom, swing, and salsa dancing, as well as build several skills that will enrich their life for years to come.



This class is a fun and friendly place for your child to learn to dance. There are no registration or enrollment fees, or other unnecessary upfront charges and no long-term contracts to sign. Big discounts are offered for enrolling multiple children billed to the same account. Give your kids a leg up this summer, enroll them in our Kids class today!


Get your kids off the couch and onto their feet this summer... dancing!


Mother's Day Gift Idea



Mother's are the best in the world. I was fortunate enough to be able to have breakfast with my Mother this morning and I can't express to you how thankful I am to have that opportunity.


10% off any Mother's Day Gift Certificate!


Just in case you'd like to give your Mother the gift of dance, we'd like to help by offering you a 10% discount on your purchase of a Mother's Day Gift Certificate from All About Ballroom.


Happy Mother's Day


Mother's Day Special Event Class



All About Ballroom is proud to present Roman Italyankin & Tetyana Oliynyk teaching a one time special engagement class on International Rumba. Winners of the 2013 Vancouver Open, Roman and Tetyana are rising superstars in the world of professional competition Latin dancing.


The class will be held on Mother's Day, May 12th at 3pm in our Lawrenceville studio location. Please join us for this special event. The cost is an excellent value at only $15 per person. Beginners are welcome. Space is limited. Sign up today!



Group Photo for this Workshop


Rumba Fun!


Dancing in the News



All About Ballroom appeared in the Atlana Journal Constitution again in April. To date, this is our fourth appearance that we are aware of.


The article highlighted our Salsa and Latin class at our Alpharetta location. The photo was taken on April 13, 2013 over spring break weekend.


Looks like fun!


Dancing for Date Night



What a great idea!


On your next date night, you should try learning to dance at All About Ballroom. It's a great way to get to know someone or rekindle those old flames. It's romantic. It's engaging. It's interesting and affordable. It'll make you laugh with each other. It's fun!


You can drop in on any of our classes for only $14 per person. We also have spectacular dance events every few weeks. These are the perfect recipe for date night. At only $12.50 in advance or $14 at the door, they're the best deal going for your night out on the town. Check out our next dance event.


Dancing or a Movie?    Let's see how dancing stacks up.


For a first run 3D movie, it costs about $15 per person. We purchased our tickets online and they charged us an extra $1.50 per person as a convenience fee. That's a total of $32.50 for two people. Is it really convenient to charge a convenience fee? We won't charge you one! You can pay our drop-in fee online anytime you want... for free! Revolutionary? We like to think so.


A movie has it's place, and it's certainly a date night tradition. But hey, when was the last time you actually interacted with someone while you were watching a movie? We prefer to imagine that you'd rather dance, talk, laugh and get to know someone while you're painting the town red.


Being social these days, means interacting with screens. We're trying to bring back the days when people intercted with other people. Wow, that is different. At only $14 per person, we think we've got the traditional movie date night beat. What do you think?  Give us a try!


Dinner and Dancing.    Has a nice ring to it doesn't it?


We have an Assistant ... to assist you



Help is on the way!


We have a new assistant. Her name is Ryan. Ryan is doing a super job at getting things done and keeping us in touch with our customers and inquiries. We're very excited to have her on board.


Even if you aren't directly interacting with Ryan, she is doing a great deal to free up time so that we can take care of you. We couldn't do it all without her.


Getting Ryan's assistance is just another way we try to do our absolute best to ensure that we are successfully taking care of all your dance needs. We want to make sure that you are receiving the outstanding service that you deserve.


Great job Ryan!   You're doing a super job!


Dance in your Sneakers



We have black ones!


The day will eventually arrive when you reach in your bag to put on your dance shoes and, oh no, they're not there. You forgot them. Or maybe you don't have dance shoes just yet. You stare down at your sneakers and wonder what you're going to do now.


Problem solved. Now you can dance in your sneakers! Just put your dance socks over your sneakers and you'll be ready to dance. Dance socks are an innovative new product that enable you to enjoy your dance class, even when you're not wearing your dancing shoes.


We have one pair that we loan out in class if you'd like to try them. You can also purchase a brand new pair from us for only $6.50. These socks are great for beginning dance students who might not be ready to commit to purchasing expensive dance shoes just yet.


Check out the video!



Need a pair?    Just ask us.


Quick or Slow?   The Dance Cheat Sheet



Click to Download a Larger Printable PDF Version!



Knowing your quicks and your slows is one of the first challenges you'll face when you begin learning to dance. Make it easier. Get our dance cheat sheet and you'll be on your way to mastering your S's and Q's in no time!


It's okay to cheat sometimes.


Nursing Homes, Senior Living, and Assisted Living


Discounts!    Discounts!    Discounts!


One of the ways we try to give back to our local community is by offering steep discounts to local Nursing Homes, Senior Living Communities, and Assisted Living Facilties.


Typically there is an activity director at these organizations that is tasked with bringing joy to the lives around them. It's a real blessing to be able to touch other people's lives in such a positive way with our dancing.


Do you visit any of these kinds of organizations? Be sure to tell them about the great discounts we offer on special events scheduled at their facility. It is our pleasure to be able to serve and show respect for those who've come before us.


The discount is usually around 50% off our regular special event prices and all that we require is that they schedule their event outside of our usual busy times, which typically isn't a problem.


Smile ☺     It's a great day to be dancing!


The All About Ballroom Annual Potluck Picnic


The All About Ballroom Annual Picnic


It's time for the All About Ballroom annual picnic again. We like to think that All About Ballroom isn't just about showing up for dance class, but it's about friendships and being a part of a fun community of people. We recognize that it's you that makes All About Ballroom special. It's All About You. So come hang out with us, it'll be fun!


It's a free event!   Bring the kids.


Date:  Sunday April 28, 2013
Time:  1:30pm - 4:30pm
Location:  Alder Pavilion
1150 Buford Hwy, Suwanee, GA 30024.


Directions: Please use this map. Using the map, locate how to get from where you live to the general location on Buford Hwy. Looking at the map, (B) is marked as the Alder Pavilion and (A) is marked as the entrance to turn into off of Buford Hwy. The entrance is directly across the street from Georgia Paint and Body (A). After you turn, the road forks. Follow the road to the right in accordance with the sign pointing towards the Alder pavilion.


Rough Schedule:


1:30pm - Picnic starts. Play some cornhole.


2:00pm - Start eating. It's a potluck so bring your favorite dish to share.


2:30pm - Group picture. Smile.


2:45pm - Volleyball. A fan favorite every year.


3:15pm - Family Fued game. It's a fun social game that's a popular favorite at the picnic party.


4:00pm - Group hike. For those interested, we'll do a group hike on a soft trail along the greenway. The trail forks into a shorter and a longer trail. At that time, we'll split the group and those who want to take the shorter trail can go with Kathy and those who want to finish the longer trail can go with Jed. The short trail takes about 15 minutes to complete. The long trail takes about a half hour to finish.


4:30pm - Party's over. See you at next year's picnic.


Eat.   Drink.   Play...   and be Social!


New Ballroom and Salsa Class ... for Kids!



Parents, you don't want to miss this opportunity! Enroll your child in a class that will help them succeed in life, as well as on the dance floor.


We'll teach your child the basics of ballroom, swing, and salsa dancing. That's the foundation of our kids class, but that's not all we'll teach them.


While your child is learning to dance, we'll also instruct them on several other important life skills that will enrich your child's development and form the building blocks for their future success.



There are no upfront charges, other than your monthly membership, and you're only required to pay for one month at a time. There are no long-term commitments or annual agreements, no hidden fees or enrollment fees of any kind, and you can cancel your membership at any time. We also offer outstanding discounts for signing up multiple kids that are billed to the same account.


Classes occur every Saturday morning at 11:00am. Get your child off to the right start in life!   Register your child today.


Because dance classes are a better hobby than video games!


Directions to the Studio - Now on our Website!


We have recently added detailed directions to each of our three main studio locations: Alpharetta, Chamblee, and Lawrenceville.


We know that driving around Atlanta can be stressful especially when you're finding a new place you've never been to before. Our goal is to help you be relaxed and ready to have fun when you arrive.


The Directions are written several ways for each location for whichever way you may be coming from. They also include landmarks and street names. Look for the directions link near the bottom of our main navigation area on our website.


You're happiness is important to us. When you consider the low prices of our classes and lessons, it's very hard for us to dedicate resources to helping each individual find their way. Our goal is to dedicate resources wisely, in ways that provide meaningful assistance to you, but at the same time, keep our prices low for you to enjoy even after you've found us.



Please use the address and directions listed on our website. Do not rely upon other websites or sources of information, like google maps. You may find an incorrect or out-of-date address such as an old studio location, or our main office. This is frustrating to us, but we are not able to control the information that appears on other sites. We have tried, and it's not possible.


Getting there isn't half the fun.   Dancing with us is the whole fun!


Spinning, Style, and Technique Workshops


We're introducing two new workshops that will cover material pertaining to spinning, style, and technique.


  • Spinning:  We know a lot of people get dizzy, loose control, or aren't sure which spin to do at which time. In this workshop, we'll cover some principles and guidelines to help with these common situations.
  • Technique:  When you see someone who looks like they are "good dancers", what does that mean to you? Often times, students will say, "graceful, elegant, gliding, or it looks effortless". We'll cover some techniques that will help you move with more poise and elegance, while at the same time helping you appear less deliberate, and more effortless. We'll give you some techniques that you can use to stay light on your feet.
  • Style:  Let's add style! If you want to look good on the dance floor then you'll need to add some style to your dancing repertoire. Those little extras that accentuate and punctuate your movements. We'll also include discussions on rise and fall, cuban motion, and arm styling as it pertains to style.


There will be two Spinning, Style, and Technique workshops. Both workshops will cover different material, with minimal overlap, and neither is a prerequisite for the other. See our class schedule for dates and times.


What is a workshop? Workshops are a concept we created to bridge the gap between group classes and personal lessons. Click here to read more about the rules and format of workshops.


Make heads turn!


Free Bring a Friend to Dance Week


That's right! You can bring a co-worker, good friend, a special date, a family member, or just someone you'd like to invite to your dance class and it's completely free for them to attend.


Free! Feb 25th - Mar 2nd Free!


We want to enhance the quality of your dance experience with us. This event is to show our appreciation for our current customers. We think you'll enjoy sharing your time, and an activity you enjoy, with someone you like.


This event is for you! ... our valued customers. It is not to capture your friends, family members, and esteemed guests in our evil web of sales gimmicks and put them all through a high-pressure sales seminar before they are allowed to leave.


That's not how we do things. It's about showing you that we appreciate you, and your business. We want to make sure we provide you with an unparalleled dance and entertainment adventure at All About Ballroom.


We hope this makes it easier for you to invite someone that you want to show off your dancing feet to, without the awkwardness of wondering who's going to pay for it. So go ahead ... wow'em with your dance moves!


Due to space constraints, we ask that you only bring one friend, or one couple to each dance class you are enrolled in. This represents a savings of up to $28 off our $14/person regular drop-in rates.


Dancing is more fun ... when you dance with someone!


Let's All Do Something Together


Every so often we organize a fun group adventure that we all go do as a group. Usually it's an event that relates to dancing, or the arts, but sometimes it's just a good old-fashioned fun time, like our annual potluck picnic.


We do this to help encourage all of our dancers to come together to form a larger community of camaraderie and friendships. Humans are social creatures, and I don't mean on facebook. So join us. We'll all have fun together!


"Master Harold... and the boys"


Our next group outing will be at the Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville on Sunday, March 3rd at 2:30pm for a professional theatrical presentation entitled "Master Harold... and the boys".



The performance is about a young man's life changing experience and how his beloved servants became his confidants through a lifetime of family turmoil. We're all going to meet at the theatre at 2pm for a little chit chat before going in to see the performance.


Save $5 on tickets! Use promo code: AAB. Click here for more information, or to order your tickets online. See you there.


Got any ideas?    Let us know!


Dancing for the Cure


Update December 29th: On behalf of the community of dancers who share our passion for dancing, All About Ballroom proudly made a donation to the American Cancer Society to fight prostate cancer and to Susan G. Komen for the Cure to fight breast cancer. Thank you to all those who attended our Christmas Means More Charity Ball this year.


"The story of breast cancer is the story of people"


All About Ballroom is a built around people. It's the community of dancers that come together to share a common interest that makes us who we are. It's the relationships we cultivate with one another that matter most.


That's why we think it's so important to give back to the community we're a part of. Over the years, we've heard stories of how so many of our lives have been impacted by cancer.


So we're proud to announce that this year's Winter Formal is the "Christmas Means More" Charity Ball. Christmas really does mean more. It's a time when we should spend cherised moments with our loved ones and reflect on how much they mean to us.


We'll be dancing for the cure this year as a portion of the proceeds from the "Christmas Means More" Charity Ball will be donated to charities to fight breast and prostate cancer.


The price of the event is the same as always. The donation won't cost you a single additional penny. All About Ballroom will make a charitable donation from the proceeds of the event in proportion to the number of attendees. Come show your support for the fight against cancer and for dancing with good friends.


We sincerely hope to see you there.


Get 1/2 off on our New Year's Eve Party


Merry Christmas To All


Adult Face Painting at our Halloween Dance Event


Our next Halloween dance event, The Wolfmans's Howl-O-Ween Ball on Oct 20th, will feature face painting for adults. Best of all, it's free with your paid admission into the event. Spooktastic!


Face painting will be provided by Rosa with Cheeky Fun Faces. Rosa is a superb artist, and we're very proud to be able to feature her work at our event. While Rosa typically does children's faces, she is quite a diverse and talented artist, capable of rendering some very detailed and spooky Halloween faces.


Check out Rosa's work!



Free adult face painting at The Wolfman's Howl-O-Ween Ball



Make it part of your costume!



Contact Cheeky Fun Faces for your next party!



Win the costume contest!



Be a part of the Thriller performance!



Free adult face painting at The Wolfman's Howl-O-Ween Ball



Make it part of your costume!



Contact Cheeky Fun Faces for your next party!



Dancing Ghouls, Goblins, & other Spooks will be there!



Tell all your friends!


Introducing Dance Workshops


We want to inspire you to become a more accomplished dancer. We know that some of the crucial skills and techniques that you'll need are not readily amenable to the format and philosophy of our group classes. And while personal lessons are what we typically recommend to students that want to develop and progress further as a dancer, we recognize that personal lessons aren't for everyone. So we're creating something new, something in between, something to help close the gap between group classes and personal lessons, something to assist you in your aspirations to become a better dancer. We call it a dance workshop.


What exactly is a dance workshop? A dance workshop will have a specific and identifiable dance goal that you will pursue in depth. The format will be three classes, each one being 1½ hours in duration. Unlike our group classes, the focus will be more intensive. The emphasis will be on learning to dance and less on laughing and having a good time. Expect to work through some frustration, expect to press yourself to accept new challenges. A workshop will be more detail oriented and serious minded. It has a singular purpose, to get you to be a better dancer.


A dance workshop will be limited to a small sized group, between two and four couples. It is for our more advanced students. It will not be offered to beginners. In order for the instructor to devote their full attention to everyone in the workshop, you must have a dance partner. No singles will be allowed to participate in a dance workshop. Do you need a dance partner? We're dedicated to helping you improve. Let us know and we'll do our best to help you find a partner to dance with so you can attend the workshop.


Workshops will build quickly with each class. It's imperative that you attend every class. No make-up classes or refunds, partial or otherwise, will be given for workshops. You will be part of a small group, and offering you a refund could impair the ability of the workshop to continue for those students remaining in attendance.


The first one will be a Lead & Follow Workshop. Look for it on our class schedule.


We're doing this all for you!


Intermediate Level Students - Class Format Changes


We're going to move away from teaching our intermediate level students two weeks of each dance style. Many of you have used this to plan and understand which dance style we were going to cover in a particular class.


While this more rigid structure is helpful, and we plan on continuing to use it for our beginners classes, we feel that it would be more beneficial to you if we replace it with a more fluid structure for our advanced students. The decision as to what you will learn each week will now rest in the very capable hands of your instructor.


Your instructor will try to delve deeper and assist you more in bringing the dancer in you to the surface. After all, being a great dancer is not simply a matter of demonstrating to your partner how many patterns you know.


Your instructor will gauge your ability as a group, take in feedback from what she observes happening in the class, and help plot a dynamic course that will determine how to optimally bring the collective talents of the group up to the next level of dancing excellence.


In other words, we're giving your instructor the full freedom to take the entire class to new heights. It should be exhilarating. All the while, we'll have a wild and witty time, just like we always have. Because it's not just about learning to dance either, it's also about having a good time along the way.


At the end of each class, your instructor will announce what you'll be learning in the next class. The decision will be carefully considered and predicated on the events occurring in class that day. Be sure to come to class so that your individual needs can be factored in amongst those of the whole in deciding which direction the class will ultimately undertake.


Let's all dance there together.


Live Receptionist Service - Call Us Anytime 24/7


We've recently hired a live receptionist service to help us serve the needs of our dance community better. We wanted to share with you why we did this and what it means for you.


As we've grown, the number of hours we spend teaching each day has increased over time. This has made it increasingly trying for us to have enough time available to answer all of our incoming phone calls each day. We receive an average of ten calls per day, and those calls occur between a wide range of hours, typically 10am to 9pm. As of late, we've only been able to answer an average of around 20% of those calls.


We want to do better! But at the same time, it simply wouldn't make economic sense, or even be practical, to hire a receptionist to be available to receive an average of one phone call every hour. We need to outsource the task to someone who has the expertise and infrastructure to do this for us. This will enable us to stay focused on what we do best... teaching people to dance!


Here's what you can expect if you call us. If we are unable to receive your call, it will be forwarded to a live receptionist service. They will take your message and email it to us along with your contact information. We'll try to get back in touch with you as soon as we're able, our goal is by the next business day or sooner. Sometimes we'll even be able to get back in touch with you instantly. Please be aware that the receptionist is mainly tasked with taking your message, and doesn't have enough information, training, or expertise to explain things to you or answer your questions.


We aspire to be great at customer service. We've invested a staggering amount of time and energy into researching a solution and carefully hand selecting a receptionist service that we feel will live up to our commitment to quality customer care. It is our intention to serve you better than simply forwarding your call to our voicemail. We apologize for not being able to have an in-house dance instructor or receptionist constantly trained and available to answer your phone calls and questions. We'd like to be able to, and maybe someday we'll grow to that level. In the meantime, we'll do our best to return your communication as quickly as we can. Please feel free to call, email, or text message us anytime, day or night, 24/7.


We want you to be happy!

Our philosophy...   "Treat people like friends"


Cancel Personal Lessons Online


  Cancel your lesson


Better Service: In a continual effort to offer you exceptional customer service, we now provide you with the capability to cancel your personal lessons online.


More Options: While canceling your lesson online is now another option available to you, we also provide you with the opportunity to cancel or reschedule your lesson via email, text message, or by phone. The choice is up to you.


How to do it: There is a little icon near the personal lessons link in the navigation. Click on that icon and you will be taken to the online cancellation form. There is also a link at the bottom of the personal lessons page that you can click on as well.


How it works: When you cancel your lesson online, you will be presented with a quick and easy online form to fill out. Once the form has been submitted, your lesson is canceled. We'll contact you, using the contact information we have for you on file, if we have any questions or concerns.


Late Cancellation Fee: Please be aware that you are subject to a cancellation fee when you are unable to provide us with at least a 24 hour cancellation notice. We do ask that you try to give us as much notice as possible. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this regard.


Please read our cancellation policy


Fun Student Dance Contest


Dance Contest


Come see the performances: There will be a fun student dance contest held during our Dancing Stars dance event on July 14th. Come watch the various delightful performances. It'll be a ton of fun. It's free with your paid admission into the dance event.


Register as a contestant: Anyone can register to be in the dance contest. You aren't required to be a skilled dancer. There's no cost to register, it's free with your paid admission to our Dancing Stars event. Participants are limited, so be sure to register soon! Besides, you'll need some time to prepare your routine. To register, email us and tell us the name of each person performing in your group and your music selection.


How it works: You perform your routine at the dance event on July 14th. You'll have two minutes to perform your routine for the guests at the event. Your routine can be funny, you can perform as a group, you can use props, showcase special talents, or wear costumes. You can even choose your dance style, it doesn't have to be a ballroom or Latin dance routine. You have tremendous leeway to be creative. It's all up to you. The goal is to be awarded the highest score for the most entertaining performance in order to win the contest. The only restriction is that your routine, including setup time, cannot exceed two minutes in length.


The winning prize: The winners will receive a mirror ball trophy. Awesome!



We're in it to win it!     Sign up today!


Fiesta Latina at Gwinnett Tech


Fiesta Latina

Come join us at this fanstastically fun fiesta sponsored by our local community partner, Gwinnet Tech.


It's family friendly and open to all ages. There will be free food, a cool Latin DJ, frozen drinks, fun photos, givaways, and more.


The entire event is free! We'll be at the event giving free lessons and dance demonstrations in salsa, bachata, and Latin ballroom.


Thursday, June 21st, 2012 from 11am to 2pm at Gwinnett Tech. See flyer for more details.


I ♥ Salsa!             I ♥ Salsa!             I ♥ Salsa!


We don't mind being called cheap


We strive to be an inexpensive place to learn to dance. We want to share the joy of dancing with everyone.


Our prices beat the competition. Not only our competitors in the ballroom dance industry, but the entertainment industry as a whole. Have you seen the price of a movie ticket these days? Signing up for one of our classes is less expensive, on a per evening basis, then going out to see a movie, going bowling, going out to dinner, and a whole host of other activities.


You've probably heard the phrase, "you get what you pay for", right? We believe that you've paid for excellent service and that's what we aim to deliver. Can we deliver better service, at better prices, then our competitors? Absolutely! Just read some of our reviews. We do our best to live up to a standard of excellence for our customers to enjoy.


So, if learning to dance is on your bucket list... give it a try. Sign up today! Check out our group class schedule.


All About Ballroom     "Dance on a Budget"

(Click article to enlarge. You may have to click it twice.)


AJC - Dance on a Budget


Fun, entertaining, and exciting.   Sign up today!


We're Investing in Your Dance Experience


We're delighted to share with you some of the recent investments we've made to enhance the enjoyment of your dance experience with us.


Beat the Heat!


We've purchased four new industrial quality fans to assist in keeping you cool. Introducing the Air King 9220...

These awesome fans can produce some gail force wind power with their 20" blades. For as much air flow as these fans can generate, they were specifically selected because of their relatively quiet performance so as not to be disruptive to your main goal... learning to dance and having fun!


These fans have excellent quality construction and are even Made in America. In conjuction with the A/C, these fans should keep you dancing to the beat without worrying about the heat.


Better Sound Quality

We've procured a portable audio amplifier and added a beefed up 60W power supply to get the full potential this device is capable of delivering. The distortion curves for this amp are high fidelity awesomeness.


The intent is to make sure the sound quality is excellent for our classes and smaller events, even over the slight ambient hum that will be introduced by the new fans.


We also purchased a small subwoofer to add an ounce of base to our dance events and help ensure the new sound activated lighting can key in on the beat for good performance.


Cool New Dance Event Lighting


We've invested in a Chauvet Hemisphere 5. The Lawrenceville studio now has two big rooms to dance in at our dance events. This light will be the centerpiece lighting for one of those rooms and our current mirror ball will go in the other room.

It's dazzling muticolored LED beams will cover the entire room with an ever changing star field. It can be configured to rotate, use 14 preset programs, and it can even dance to the beat using a sound activated microphone and sophisticated technology to adjust it's behavior based on what it hears in the music.


In addition to the Hemisphere, we've also ordered two dimmer switches and 150ft. of warm white rope lighting to install into each of the rooms.


New Free Gift Choices!


Every so often, we have free gift week. Anyone who signs up for a session of our classes during that week can select a free gift.


We're excited to introduce two new additions to our line up of super-cool free gifts. The first is our Born to Lead hooded sweatshirt. You won't find this stunning design anywhere else. It was designed by us!

The second free gift addition is our pink All About Ballroom dance hoodie. It's designed for the gals ... so couples can get one for each of you!

Normally each person receives one free gift when they sign up for a new session during free gift week. However, these new gift selections require a purchase of two sessions in order to receive one as a free gift. Often times, a couple will sign up for a new session and choose just one of these free gifts in order to satisfy this requirement.


Custom Framed Fine Art


We've obtained several beautiful ballroom dance prints and had them custom framed. A couple of the prints are original works of art that you won't see anywhere else!


These works of art will reside at our Lawrenceville dance studio to add to the ambiance and the decor for all to enjoy when they come to one of our dance events.


Mobile Device Platforms

One might ask why we've deployed funds into mobile device platforms. The answer is simple. It's because you're telling us that you care about them. For instance, many of you have informed us that our class schedule is broken on your iphone. We intend to use this technology to address those kinds of issues.


The mobile phenomenon is taking off. We need mobile platforms in order to make sure we're delivering the highest quality customer service to those of you who use these platforms. We need to be developing a mobile marketing strategy that will enable us to continue servicing the needs of our dance community well into the future. In short, the world is changing, the marketing fronteir is changing... we're changing with it!


We believe in being innovative.      Come get in on the fun!


We moved our Lawrenceville Studio!


We're super excited to announce that our Lawrenceville studio has moved. This is something that we've been working on for a very long time and it's amazing to see that we've finally been able to make it happen. The new studio is conveniently located off 316 and only 10 minutes away from the old studio location.


2100 Riverside Parkway, Suite #133
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
(It's located in the same shopping complex as Kroger)


The move was in response to problems we we're experiencing at the old facility, including leaking and flooding, along with the necessity to accommodate the constant and anticipated stellar growth of our dance community! We were going to outgrow the old facility someday, and we think it was going to be someday soon.


You'll enjoy the benefits and amenities the new studio has to offer you. Besides the bigger rooms and additional space, with no pillars, columns, or registers in the middle of the floor to hinder your free spirited dancing, you'll have access to more bathrooms, drinking fountains, easy and safe free parking, better flooring, isolation from sound and visual distractions occurring in the lobby area, and removing the need to walk through an ongoing class to get to another room.



Click the Map for Driving Directions from the Old Studio


I like to move it... move it.


Get in Shape for the New Year!


Our new Dance Fitness class is underway. At only $29 a month, it's an excellent way to get in shape for the upcoming spring weather.


It's a fusion of various dance styles including ballroom, Latin and hip-hip and presented to you in an energetic fitness format. Everyone in the class is having a great time. Come join us!



Dance your way to a healthier lifestyle.


Improve Your Dancing


We're changing the format of our Latin Ballroom class. This class will now offer you the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of the intrinsic style and movement of the Latin Ballroom genre of dances.


We'll concentrate our focus for more consecutive weeks on each particular dance style, typically four weeks. This will allow us to progress our teaching of it to a greater extent and give you the chance to add more layers of depth to your dancing.


If you've been wanting to learn more then this class is for you!


Live life to the fullest...    Dance!       Try it.


Price Increases in January


We've managed to deliver the best value in Ballroom and Latin Dance services (at least we think so) for several years now. Our prices are hard to beat and our service is exceptional.


During that time our underlying costs have increased, and starting in January, we will need to raise our prices as a result. We believe the increases are very reasonable ... and our prices will still be hard to beat!


We thought that it was important to let you know about the price changes, and give you the opportunity to make any of your planned purchases before they went into effect.


We really appreciate all of our wonderful customers. Thank you so much for dancing with us! It's a pleasure to be your Ballroom and Latin dance service provider.


It's fun.       It's friendly.       Try it!


Learning to Dance at Bill and Sheri's Wedding


Bill and Sheri are long time customers of All About Ballroom. A while back, they had each expressed an interest in finding a dance partner to share some personal lessons with. Kathy introduced them to one another and they started taking lessons with her. Well, one thing lead to another, and now here they are getting married!


Dancing is still a passion for Bill and Sheri and we're thrilled to have been invited to participate in their wedding. They danced a lovely waltz for their First Dance. Bill and Sheri also shared the joy of dance with their wedding guests by having us teach their guests a few introductory ballroom patterns for Rumba and Hustle. Fun!



Congratulations to Bill and Sheri!


Aurora Dance Nights at 550 Trackside


All About Ballroom, Aurora Theatre, and 550 Trackside have all teamed up to present you with a series of special dance events that will take your breath away. The quality of the services and amenities at these dance events are extraordinary.


»   Get Tickets Now   «


A live band, a lavish facility, complimenatry dance instruction, a cash bar, and free parking ... all this for only $18 (or $20 at the door) ... the value simply can't be beat! We've worked very hard to bring you these incredible dance events and we're extremely proud to participate in presenting them to you. Enjoy! The next event in the series is Salsa Night on September 22nd at 8PM.


Live Music


Each dance event in the series features live music. There will be some swing'in old fashioned rock and roll from The Carwoods, the seductive Salsa and Latin rhythms from Havana Son, and a Big Band night featuring the Metro Jazz Club. It's our pleasure to provide you with a spectacular entertainment experience featuring these exceptionally talented musical artists.


Free Dance Instruction


Each event kicks off with a short complimentary beginners class in Ballroom or Salsa and Latin dancing. Afterwards, the band will begin to play and free lessons will be offered by a professional All About Ballroom dance instructor throughout the remainder of the evening.


Exquisite Facility


Each event will be held at 550 Trackside. This is a gorgeous event facility located just off the Lawrenceville square. It features granite walls and archways accented by the natural beauty of wood, along with a trackside courtyard and patio.


Cash Bar


Beer and wine will be available for purchase at these events. We're pleased that we can offer this amenity to those of our customers who enjoy having an alcoholic beverage during their evening out dancing. Our thanks goes out to our partner event facility, 550 Trackside, for assisting us in providing you with this service.


A delectable dancing delicacy!


All About Ballroom Personas


Theme your browser with an All About Ballroom persona


Your browser. Your style. Check out our new easy-to-use All About Ballroom themes for your browser. We've created several awesome ballroom and Latin dance designs for your browser to wear. Your browser will look stunning. Be the envy of the office. Show off your new style today!


Each theme installs with a single click and you can even see what it looks like simply by hovering your mouse over the theme's main image. Not using a Firefox browser? That's okay. You can still view each of our themes, and share them with all of your friends, you just won't be able to install them in other browsers.


Easy & fun. Change the look of your browser today. Check out our free All About Ballroom browser personas right now. Enjoy.


Give your browser style!


National Dance Day - July 30, 2011


Do you watch the hit TV show, "So you think you can dance?" Well if you do then you've probably heard Nigel Lythgoe, the shows producer, talk about National Dance Day. This special day, the last Saturday of July, is intended to further the awaremess of dance education and encourage physical fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Thanks to the show, and the efforts of the Dizzyfeet Foundation, National Dance Day is a nationwide phenomenon for dance. Esteemed choregraphers Napoleon & Tabitha, Mary Murphy, and Robin Antin have been commissioned by the show to create three dance routines to allow everyone to learn, participate, and enjoy the spirit of dance on National Dance Day.


At All About Ballroom, we're excited to be able to bring their choregraphy to life right in our studio. It's free, it's fun, and it's for everyone who wants to be a part of the National Dance Day excitement. We've teamed up with our trusted studio parter, Dance Fusion and Fitness, to bring you the following free National Dance Day classes:

12:45pm - 1:45pm    Mary Murphy's Salsa choreography taught by Kathy
11:30am - 12:30pm    Napoleon & Tabitha's Hip-Hop choreography
10:30am - 11:30am    Free Zumba class


We want to encourage anyone and everyone to come and dance with us. It'll be fun. You won't be asked to buy anything; these are not sales events. We're giving back to our community. We're saying thank you to the fine folks we call our neighbors, and our friends. It's about sharing the joy of dancing with others. That's our passion. Come experience it with us!


Last years hip-hop class with Kathy


Free classes  •  Kid friendly  •  Everyone's invited!


Introducing Practice Parties


Want to practice the new ballroom and Latin dance techniques that you're learning in class? We now host a few practice parties every month for you to learn, meet new people, and enjoy yourself. Practice parties will be held at both our Lawrenceville and Alpharetta locations.


These parties are intended to be a blend of both general dancing and dance instruction. However, the dance instruction will not be the traditional classroom style format. Instead, your dancing will be observed by the instructor and you will be given guidance to help improve your dancing. For example, the instructor may adjust your posture or the positioning of your arms, or may give you commentary on how to improve your lead or follow for a particular pattern that you performed. You may even be asked to dance with another student who is specifically chosen to help you improve a particular aspect of your dancing proficiency.


The tickets for our practice parties will be somewhat limited due to the desire to provide enough floor space for the dancers to experiment with their dancing. We want to ensure that enough floor space is present to allow you to practice ballroom dance styles that enjoy a greater breadth of movement in their execution, such as the Viennese Waltz. This also presents us with the opportunity to inform and instruct on traversing the floor in line of dance.


Explore your dance mojo  ...  practice parties!