Master Harold... and the boys

We're all going as a group!

March 3rd at 2:30pm

"Master Harold... and the boys" is a professional theatrical performance presented to you by our friends at the Aurora Theatre in downtown Lawrenceville.

Kathy was fortunate enough to have been invited to be a choreographer for the show. Now we'd like to invite you to come with us, as we all go to see it together as a group.

A spectacular value for professional theatre!

Aurora Theatre

Come see it with us!

  • All going as a group.
  • Sunday, March 3rd.
  • Support the arts.
  • Show contains profanity.
  • Kathy is a choreographer.
  • Meet at 2pm in Aurora Theatre.
  • Plenty of free parking available.
  • Save big! Use promo code AAB.

Tickets only $11.60 ... Wow!

An exceptional theatrical experience!

What's the show about?

An ordinary rainy afternoon in 1950s South Africa turns into a life-changing experience for 17-year old Hally. His two beloved servants become his confidants through a lifetime of family turmoil. Written 30 years ago, this award-winning masterpiece is still timely and compelling, yet told with the stunning grace of a perfect ballroom dance. It reminds us that honor does not reside in the color of a manís skin.

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